Cooked pins

So some of you know that a friend introduced to Pinterest a few months. Yikes! But she did warn me that she only tries to pin things she knows she will actually do . I try to keep that in the back of my mind as I am collecting all the brilliance off the internet all on my very own little boards. Really Pinterest is list sort of persons nightmare. You know the kind? The one sthat take joy in writing lists and marking items off. Who love to organize and organize and organize some more?

Anyways, I HAVE actually made recipes from my boards a lot. And I want t share them with you:

Mine didn’t look quite as pretty as these did cause moist bread is really hard to come by. But they tasted just as good. Just ask Kristin.

I made this last week as an extra special treat for our friend’s anniversary when we gathered together to worship with friends in our community. I didn’t have cool whip and couldn’t make it from scratch cause our store didn’t have cream that day. And I had just used up all my cream cheese bought from Delhi. So after the Oreo layer I packed vanilla ice cream and then put the chocolate pudding on top with some Andes mint chips sprinkled over it all. WoW! It was rich and chocolately! I still want to do the original recipe some day.

I made these for Arwyn’s 7th birthday this year when she asked me to surprise her with a new kind of cupcake. They were a hit! A definite redo!

Our friend Kristin (not our nanny) had a birthday a few weeks ago and I brought these to share! I LOVED them! And they were so easy cause they are NO BAKES!

We have done this now on many occasions. Sometimes in the evening I throw 7-8 bananas in the freezer in chunks and the next day when the power is on toss them in the blender for a special treat at lunch! Who knew a healthy bowl of ice cream, SO good!

Back in May when some friends had there parent’s visiting I brought this over for desert. Although I had to make them ahead of time and carry them on a rickshaw. They were decent. I would just say make sure you mix it very well at the bottom and eat it right away. But still a great quick single serving of chocolate cake!

Recently we had our first EVER girls night (well, afternoon) here with some friends and I thought what better way to kick it off than bring cookie dough to eat.?Can’t get more girly food than that! And it was eggless, which in this part of the world is a MUST cause our eggs come fresh from the hen with the poo, feathers and all still on them! Course I forgot that I usually only consume 2 or 3 spoons of cookie dough normally when I am making cookies, so three batches was a lot of extra, but my kids didn’t mind!

These were awesome! So good and easy to fix. Nice when its hot and somewhat healthy.

And lastly I just made this tonight. I whipped it up while the kids were eating dinner. I was planning on having it with some eggs for breakfast tomorrow but it smells so awesome  I don’t know if it will last…. I can’t get the pre-made can of dough rolls and  Ididn’t want to be in the kitchen all night making dough from scratch. So I found a recipe to use bisquick for the dough, then since I was fresh out of eggs I substituted a banana per egg (that site has some unique ideas). It was really eays to throw together.

If you are Pinterest you can see all these recipes on my “sweets” board or my “breaky” (named after my Aussie friend Alanda) board. But if your not, then you can click on the pictures and they will go straight to the recipes. Enjoy!

p.s. Tell me if you make one and what you think!


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