Thailand: thankful journal

#357  lillypads and green, green, green

# 340 Swimming and warm rain

# 358 Tiger kingdom (the actual tiger pictures deserve there own post…)

#373  beautiful new hair braids

#381  kids who give baby love

#393  Being all together in a beautiful place

holy experience


6 thoughts on “Thailand: thankful journal

  1. Heidi, Josiah how wonderful to see your beautiful children. I am so glad you got to visit Thailand. It looks so clean and lush. A contrast for sure. You guys look great!! Love and blessings. Paulette


  2. Heidi, all the pictures are beautiful, but I have to say the one of you……wow, you look soooo good! Busy-mom-wife must be agreeing with you!

  3. Love the picture’s. Great one of you and Josiah. We really got a kick out of Evangeline. Not to sure about that parrot!! We can hear her squealing. The kids are growing like weeds. What a beautiful place to take a family vacation. Are there more 🙂

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