A friend just included this in an email she sent me:

Have to share Caleb and I’s conversation from the other night…We were talking about his neighbor friend Romeo and he said, “Romeo’s my second best friend. Malachi is my first. I’ve never had a friend like Malachi. He’ll play anything and he’s not like, ‘oh, hi.’ He’s like, “CAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLEEEEEEEEBBBBBB!” So cute!!


This made me think about his spirit. He is so full of happiness and life. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He is never short on hugs and love. You can count on him for excitement no matter what. He is flexible and excited about whatever life has around the corner. He loves deeply. And he is so forgiving. I need that.

I love his life.


Tonight when we teamed up against his sisters at a game of sequence he sits right up against me and  says “I like being close to you mom.” This boy warms my heart.

Just before that when I TANKED our brownies by using mustard oil instead of veg oil, and then they burnt to a dry tasteless crisp, he tries a piece (which i finally gave in and gave him to stop his pleas of ” come on mom can’t I just taste them?!) and says positively “there not bad I like them!”

He was just trying to make me feel better. His sister on the other hand ran to the bathroom spitting out there crumbs and replacing the taste with toothpaste. I don’t blame them, I wanted to do the same thing.

Notes to self: 1 no amount of extra sugar can mask the distinct taste of mustard oil   2 treasure the spunk and smiles that my boy has to offer my heart


3 thoughts on “Malachisms

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  2. Heidi, I love all your posts – your descriptions, the pictures, things your kids do and say! Each one is precious! I pray earnestly for God to show you what this lonely time in your life is for! We women are very much in need of each other, talking, listening, sharing. Thanks so much for sharing!

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