Calcutta or Kolkata?

For my 32nd birtday (back in September) Josiah bought me a plane ticket to visit my freind Steph in Calcutta. Technically its referred to as Kolkata since 2001.  But I haven’t made the switch in my mind. It was great spending 3 days with her and her hubby and lil ones. Seeing how they live, being a tourist in another part of India that had much different to offer than my city was so refreshing. I had T man in tow so I lugged in the ergo all over the streets of Calcutta. We went to the Market, called New Market. There is a picture below of the ceiling of that market, where in another pic Steph is buying fruit. The ceiling looks like an abandoned wharehouse, complete with cobwebs and wires criss crossing. But i loved it cause it was roofed and airy and they had lots of variety to choose from including fresh basil.  Steph loves pesto but confessed that she hasnt even made it since living here. Sometimes you just do what you know. So I bought a big bunch and showed her how easy it is to make pesto, we made a big batch to freeze, since a baby was on the way. It would come in handy. If it made it that far. The rest are pics of things that struck me cause I don’t see them where I am at. We were buying some eggs and bread at a little shop down the street form her house and i noticed a smoking rope hanging on the wall. Steph said its where men can drop by and light there cigarettes. Enjoy my view of Calcutta!


Calcutta is the last place in India where pull rickshaws are allowed. These pictures Steph actually took, cause we didn’t get a chance to ride one or get a picture. But they are very unique to Calcutta. Some say these are the last days of a pull rickshaw. It’s so interesting to see something so “old” carrying a person talking on a cell phone.




Having high tea at the Taj hotel, an oasis in the desert. Smells good feels good tastes good.




the smoking rope

very , very disturbed…



Taron being a ham at the dinner table.





3 thoughts on “Calcutta or Kolkata?

    • people in India honk all the time, everywhere, constantly, they use it as a blinker to let you know there there. So its pretty funny when signs are posting to trying to discourage it, cuz that will never change, but its also pretty funny that they are trying to pursuade people by saying the kids will be disturbed, plus just using the word disturbed is funny in this context.

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