Rockin it in the USA

We have been in America for 2 and half weeks. All are over jet lag. We spent the first week in SoCal resting and visiting some. Then we came on over to Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving with J’s family. The kids have been loving raoming all around Nana and Papa’s yard. Building forts under trees, dodging cactus and chasing rabbits. Within the first day all 3 older kids came in the house needing parental removal of “pokies”. Today as I sat in the living room relaxing, A walked up through the isde gate and stared disturbed through the window while showing me her newest adventure. So sad.

I called in Daddy, the expert cactus remover.


4 thoughts on “Rockin it in the USA

  1. yaaayy thank you for the post!! (i know how hard it is for you to find time to post but i really appreciate it personally!)ive been waiting for one bc i miss you all like CRAZY!! let me konw if theres a time you can skype! dont stress about it tho i kno you all have a million people who want to steal some time with you(:
    Love the picture of sweet little Arwyn, will be anxiously waiting for more!!
    give everyone kisses for me!!! love you!!!!!!!!!

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