20 family around the table

Thanksgiving was really special this year. With as many world travelers in the group we never know when we will see eachother again. It was really special for our older kids to see Great Grandma and Grandpa again at an age that they will will remember. So glad Josiah snapped this photo below of Great Grandpa and Malachi playing basketball together!

We fit 20 of us around the table and had a great feast. I discovered that although I don’t like the traditional sweet potato casserole, I LOVE sweat potatoes with walnuts and a little salt. And I loved my Mother-in-laws stuffing recipe made with cornbread!

Juanita and Jim placed scripture cards of thankfulness on each person’s plate and we read them around the table. Josiah and I also wrote up questions we taped to all the plates and people could optionally answer them. They were all related to thankfulness in various ways and it was a great time hearing from people personal journey’s of gratitude.


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