Rare friends

It’s not that often that you find friends that you and your husband and all your kids get along with great all in one family. So it was a special thing when we got to hang out with the Doane’s one evening before thanksgiving. We talked and played and then walked to the neighborhood park before walking to dinner at “the habit” (their hamburger addiction). Such great friends are they that they are fish-sitting for Malachi’s new beta, Luke (as in Luke skywalker) while we have been traveling around for the holiday’s. 



Lily and A have been friends for a couple of years. I remember when they were about 4 at their house dressing up in the same outfits and coming to show us. Lily is one of the most compassionate, sweet girls I have ever met. The kind you want your kids to hang around.

And something extra special about this family is Marie, below, and I were pregant together with Taron and Seth. She was a few weeks ahead and since she is a nurse practitioner she performed my first few ultrasounds on Taron before we returned to India.



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