Easy Biscuits

What do you do when you are almost 6 months behind blogging your summer?

That’s right the new and improved Heidi is blogging about biscuits instead 🙂

Improved because my normal perfectionist self would HAVE to blog them all in order, so you would get this blog probably in December if hurried up with all my others. But I am gonna do it all out of order, as a deliberate step towards change.

So I have been making my own Bisquick mix for a couple years now. Its so easy, and cheaper and I know what’s in it. I make our Sunday pancakes from it and tonight I made some whole wheat biscuits to go along with some yummy split pea soup.

I was in a cooking mood today. Maybe it’s the cold weather has arrived and I recently have been reminded that If I start at lunch time there are quite a few things I can “throw in a pot” and have lots of dishes at the end. And a lot of dishes too 🙂

First I made refried beans that I FB’d about awhile ago. SO EASY!:

Healthy refried beans:

put uncooked pinto beans and water in a pressure cooker bring to boil with NO LID, then turn burner off and let sit for an hour (this is a quick soak), pour water out and fill above beans with new water, then cut the top off a bulb of garlic and onion and throw whole thing in, no chopping. put the lid on and pressure cook for about 8-10 whistles. maybe 30 minutes?

Then blend beans with the liquid in a blender , make sure to get that bulb of garlic and onion in there! towards end of blending add garlic salt to taste. YUMMO! BAM refried beans, no oil, no frying, SO easy!


I puree half of that batch and save the rest of the beans for eggs and burritos, and soup. Then with the liquid left over from the beans I literally threw together “Magic Mineral Broth”. With some more water and a bunch of veggies out comes the most nourishing and hydrating drink or soup base you have ever had!

With the veggies in that broth I scoop them into the blender and make a puree that I think I may try to use in the filling for chicken pot pie, well see.

Speaking of chicken pot pie, I tossed a package of frozen chicken in some water with an onion and garlic. Wala! chicken broth and cooked chicken.

Then i used some of that broth for the split pea soup. FIRST Time ever making it!

I saw split peas in the general store calling out my name in competition with the little son that was on my back. I dreamed of soup that night. I found this recipe and added chicken broth and some already cooked brown rice I had in the fridge. YUMMO! Kids even went back for more.

Then when our friends dropped by to drop something off I called them in to share with us. And she was able to tutor me in the art of biscuit making since I am a complete novice and she is a PRO. Biscuits were a great addition 🙂

Bisquick Recipe:

6 cups whole wheat flour (I used multigrain)

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

3 tsp baking powder

1 Tbsp salt

2 Tbsp sugar

Mix and seal in a container.

Heat oven to 400F . For biscuits squeeze 2/3 C butter into 2 1/4 C bisquick until all flour is stuck to butter. should be crumbly, slowly add milk , about 1/4 to 1/2 C. till all dough is stuck in one ball. Then pinch off balls, roll and flatten with palm and place on a sheet. You can place them all close to eachother. Cook for 14- 20 minutes depending on your oven. If you touch one the middle shouldn’t cave in, should feel solid.

Optional, take a piece of butter and rub on hot tops of biscuits before serving.

5 thoughts on “Easy Biscuits

  1. Well I have to say sounds yummy but u know I won’t make them so when u come to visit u may have to make me some hehe. Love u

  2. So random, but you were in my dream last night and I had to see what you are actually up to these days (BTW I can’t remember what happened in my dream but just that you were in it). I think you were in my dream because last night at the gym I grabbed my swimsuit and thought I saw a rip. Turned out I was imagining it, but it reminded me of when we were in India, back in 2000, and remember my swimsuit, unbeknownst to me, had a rip right at the top of my butt crack?? Hahaha. Good times! So it made me think of you because you were the one with me after all and pointed it out lol. Anyways, hope you are well! We just moved back to Sacramento last week!

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