Summary of Summer & Switzerland: Part 1

Well Haven’t I been MIA!? Every day this summer I had working out  and 3 hours of language in my regular routine. It was such a tight schedule and I had to work to be disciplined, which was my goal to grow in this year. And then in August we had this awesome pay off! Vacation in Switzerland, Germany and Italy 🙂 Instead of doing the longest post ever, like I did 2 years ago for Italy I will break it up in chunks. But first here are a few things crammed into that madness: Taron liked to work out with me in the morning: and wrestle in the afternoon: 2013-05-07 09.11.02 After I came home from language Josiah would head out to a 45minute jaunt across the city to his language lesson in 118 + weather with no AC. He is trooper! Here is the last leg of his journey by scooter :

And He would sit into  his Language helpers brother lil shop, here are the three below: 2013-05-14 15.44.41 Unexpectedly in May Josiah’s God daughter was kidnapped in Switzerland and killed by a convicted murder out on house arrest. He was able to go last minute and comfort this second Family that he joined back in College when he lived in France with them for a year. Here is a article in french about her, Marie. She was Vanges age when he became her God Father, 4. He would walk her and her older sister to school every day when he lived with them. She would nap on his stomach in the afternoon each day. The month before she died she was in CA visiting her sister and said that she was going to try to find Josiah again, cuz they had lost contact. This was hard news to hear.2013-05-28 11.55.27 Here He is with her parents and sister in Switzerland. 2013-05-28 14.24.04 When he returned, the precious moments in life were especially piognant and he was delighted to be hosted by Vange to a tea party in her own room. She “fancied” herself right up and I helped her make a nice spread to serve her Handsome guest. 2013-05-31 18.29.34 2013-05-31 18.31.19 Malachi and Arwyn took turns getting dread braids together. 2013-06-11 18.20.14 Then A headed off to her first camp away from home, up in the hills of “doon” with a best friend , Lily. 2013-06-02 15.20.21 2013-06-02 15.23.36 When she returned she turned 8! Arwyn’s 8th birthday with our friend Emily and the traditional firework candle:

2013-06-27 18.12.44 On a trip to Delhi we found and Amazing Thai Restaraunt in an unlikely neighborhood! YUM! 2013-06-20 18.15.30 Josiah’s first Rickshaw : a business venture. 2013-07-04 16.40.47 The kid’s first day at a new school, Vange’s first school experience ever! 2013-07-23 07.51.53 A previous friend that lives close by becomes a new best friend now that they are in the same class, cute little Zoya. 2013-07-25 19.07.38 And now with the sibs off to school, this guys first time being an only child for the morning. look at those chubby legs 🙂 2013-07-31 11.10.48 Right before we left for Europe we welcomed Monsoon: 

Then we were off to Switzerland! 2013-08-08 12.12.00 2013-08-08 12.12.46 2013-08-08 12.06.37 2013-08-08 14.00.41 2013-08-08 13.02.10 2013-08-08 14.00.16 2013-08-08 13.59.54 2013-08-08 13.57.38 2013-08-08 13.57.48 This man has a new leaning toward Jazz, so he was delighted to pose by the lakeside statue of Miles Davis, If only we could have stayed for the 3 day Jazz Festival… 2013-08-08 13.55.46 2013-08-08 12.42.33 And a sneak peak into the beginning of a 4 year old’s birthday on August 9. Nothing like starting your morning off right with decadent swiss hot coco in a quaint little cafe. If only I could start every day off here… 2013-08-09 10.44.46 The birthday gets its its own post… stay tuned. (This will probably be part 1 of a 10 part series… no joke!)

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