Italy Part 2: Food, Beach, and more food

When we went looking for groceries to cook we discovered this cute little delicatesson. It had a coffee shop, bar, and bakery (patisserie) in it.

About every other morning one of us would walk their with the kids and let the other sleep in. I’m not sure which option was best cause well they both were awesome. Getting up early with kids, you say? Of course if you get  fresh-baked chocolate croissant with your authentic cappuccino and eat it outside on the terrace while the kids happily much away at there fresh-baked treats. Lovely. Then when we would head back we would make “2nd breakfast”.

J and I had the SAME. EXACT.THING. every morning. It was that good! We would put grilled prosciutto with fresh farmers market tomatoes, sliced pecorino cheese, and a fried egg (oe) all inside a freshly baked croissant. MMMMM! still miss those…. OH! with fresh basil, did I forget basil!?! The kids would get plain yogurt with farmers market nectarines in it, along with cereal. No, were not mean, that’s what they wanted and hey, it was vacation.

You heard right. The day we arrived there was a the weekly farmers market. As soon as we settled in I took a little jaunt over there and bought us some yummy fruits and veggies. One lesson learned, that I do recall learning last time too, was not to bother with the peaches, get loads of nectarines. Our first batch disappeared in 2 days and then we had to wait a whole week to get them again. And we did. ustrio Our last sunset by the beach, so sad. WE could have stayed here another week or two…sunset Desktop2

Italy Part 1: Sardinia here we come

2013-08-31 13.07.57

This little guy liked looking out the window at all the “panes”.

The view from our balcony, heaven:

The girls hit the beach right away. Vange did it Italian little girl style , with no top.

itaky vange One of our Italy must have’s is gelato. Our rule again was gelato every day. So much time to try all these flavors. Josiah once again had coffee every day, I had Dark chocolate and a 2nd different flavor every day. The kids all change it up.


Unlike last time, 2 years ago, where we hit a new beach every day, we stayed right on the beach so we walked everywhere and frequented the beach in our front yard and the same restaurant with this amazing pizza: balsamic, and prosciutto and a few cheezes….mmm.

water One afternoon I stayed back with T as he had a nasty cold and we rested. I sat out on the balcony and ate baguette and EVOO and salt and pepper with my daily glass of wine. And J took the other three exploring up the coast line to the old city. Lots of fun doors…

2013-08-22 13.52.53

wall doors door coast

This is from the dining area of our fav restaraunt, Vange liked to beach gaze while we waited for our “pizza by the meter”.

dreamer gelato The kids made a toilet out of sand, Vange was taking a potty break.
2013-08-30 12.02.01 2013-08-30 11.14.23 2013-08-28 18.59.57 2013-08-26 11.48.05One evening after I put the kids to bed I went to use the lady’s room and noticed something peculiar…you guessed it my goofy son.2013-08-23 23.21.23
2013-08-22 18.59.42

One thing that traveling sales people sold up and down the beach was all different sorts of swimsuit cover ups, I got a few and also got a brilliant idea. To save on luggage space in the future I could just pack a different cover up for every day of the week, and my swimsuit.

2013-08-22 17.30.38  To be continued…

Germany: lots of friends

Germany was filled with lots of friends from all over the world, some old lots new. But Malachi was by far the socially -ist butterfly of us all. He quickly found some friends and they HAD to be together every waking moment. They even would plan 7:30 AM breaky together unbeknownst to there parents. Needless to say all the moms eventually met too. It was cute to see them so intent on there plans and so committed to them, and it really reminded us of how much they were like their dads planning times to be together all week. Which was a strong reminder for me how much boys want to grow up and be just like there dad’s and how hard they try. Malachi’s spanned the globe from Indonesia to some “Stans”. It was so fun to see him thriving socially.
2013-08-16 18.06.14 If you noticed an extra little blonde curly head in there more than once its because most meals we had Chris along at out table to eat with Malachi. Lots of people thougth I had 5 kids cause they look so much alike and he was with us so much. Pretty fun!2013-08-17 17.12.59Malachi also got reunited with an old friend named Malachi, which was also fun.
2013-08-20 13.37.58
Arwyn got lucky and made best friends with a girl that was right  next to us in our hotel. One of there favorites was hopping over our balcony fence to the grassy area below and running around playing together. Ultimately it was knights and princeses every time.2013-08-17 17.47.04The second week we were there Arwyn’s fav friend was Olivia. YOu coudl see them hugging at any given moment they were so excited to be together.

2013-08-20 13.29.15 Vange had a hard time being away from us so much and making friends but what she did love was singing and dancing in worship together. This girls got swag.2013-08-17 20.11.26And she did manage to make a good friend the second week, who happened to be Olivia’s younger sister.

2013-08-20 13.29.53One of my favorite times was going out with two friends that live here in India with me. Steph below had her parents and the hotel also and they had come form England. So he tossed her the keys to his British car on our way out to get a bite to eat together. As we walked out I commented on how brave she was, and she promptly handed me the keys and said I was gonna be the brave one. How did she know she could eventually talk me into this? Not only was teh steering wheel on the opposite side of the car but in Germany you drive on the other side of the road, double weird! we had a blast tho, giggling like school girls as I drove away and made them promise to split any ticket with me.
2013-08-17 15.48.15

Switzerland Part 3: berries and beauties

The last day we were with our friends in Switzerland I spent some time capturing the beauty in the house and out of it. I just love these old stoves and very “Swiss” curtains
2013-08-09 19.56.56

In the reading room I found this treasure. Malachi is totally into Tintin, Asterix, and Calivin and Hobbes now. He saves his allowance to but Tintin books for himself and his friends. When I saw this vintage Tintin book in french I hollard at Malachi to come take a look. I think He would have begged for it from Uncly Antione if it hadn’t been in french.

2013-08-10 08.22.33

When I looked at things around the house it totally reminded me of IKEA, which it should 🙂2013-08-10 08.24.30


I had to take a pick of this beautiful picture of Marie. The last evening we were able  to sit down with Evelyn and she shared more of the story about how Marie died. One sad part was that it had just been her birthday and she was working on it so they were going to celebrate the next evening, but she dies the night before. It was an intimate tear filled conversation a that J translated to me since she was speaking in french, the language of her heart. ” I have always felt that my precious children were only loaned to me for a short time, and to make my time with them worthwhile.” This struck me so much that as I continued my journey to stop yelling I thought a great injection of perspective in my home would be to make each kid a t-shirt that said “I’m on loan”. A constant reminder walking around the house. Feel free to check if I have done it 🙂

2013-08-10 08.26.54One of the kids favorite things to do was pick the berries in the front yard. Our first night we had them on a little swiss pastry with some cream. MMMMMM. The rest of the time they just gobbled them right from the bush.

2013-08-10 08.29.04This is the beautiful view from their front yard. The last day all the rain and fog cleared up and you could see the snowy peaks ahead. Breathtaking!
2013-08-10 08.29.17And here is one more of the little chalet…

2013-08-10 08.30.47And one more of journey up the mountain in the Gondola.

2013-08-09 12.11.47Switzerland was so special. Being with brand new friends that felt like long time family, seeing green lush beauty all around and eating delicious food.

Some of our favorite food here was this great honey in the raw. It was thick and creamy and we brought some home with us and sent a jar to Grandma for her birthday. We just finished it last month. But every morning we had thick great slices of fresh bread toasted w honey. The night of Vange’s birthday dinner we had fondue. Traditionally you take a little shot of liquor made from cherries halfway thru the meal to cleanse your palette. Everyone was secretly watching for my reaction when we downed our shots. But you’d be glad to know I didn’t flinch one bit. Even though my throat was on fire…

Wine and cheese, bread and cheese, wine and bread… pretty much every meal. How can you go wrong?

The next day was a teary goodbye to our special friends.

And on to Germany.