Italy Part 1: Sardinia here we come

2013-08-31 13.07.57

This little guy liked looking out the window at all the “panes”.

The view from our balcony, heaven:

The girls hit the beach right away. Vange did it Italian little girl style , with no top.

itaky vange One of our Italy must have’s is gelato. Our rule again was gelato every day. So much time to try all these flavors. Josiah once again had coffee every day, I had Dark chocolate and a 2nd different flavor every day. The kids all change it up.


Unlike last time, 2 years ago, where we hit a new beach every day, we stayed right on the beach so we walked everywhere and frequented the beach in our front yard and the same restaurant with this amazing pizza: balsamic, and prosciutto and a few cheezes….mmm.

water One afternoon I stayed back with T as he had a nasty cold and we rested. I sat out on the balcony and ate baguette and EVOO and salt and pepper with my daily glass of wine. And J took the other three exploring up the coast line to the old city. Lots of fun doors…

2013-08-22 13.52.53

wall doors door coast

This is from the dining area of our fav restaraunt, Vange liked to beach gaze while we waited for our “pizza by the meter”.

dreamer gelato The kids made a toilet out of sand, Vange was taking a potty break.
2013-08-30 12.02.01 2013-08-30 11.14.23 2013-08-28 18.59.57 2013-08-26 11.48.05One evening after I put the kids to bed I went to use the lady’s room and noticed something peculiar…you guessed it my goofy son.2013-08-23 23.21.23
2013-08-22 18.59.42

One thing that traveling sales people sold up and down the beach was all different sorts of swimsuit cover ups, I got a few and also got a brilliant idea. To save on luggage space in the future I could just pack a different cover up for every day of the week, and my swimsuit.

2013-08-22 17.30.38  To be continued…

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