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Since I cant seem to find the extra time to get all these things in, I’ll let you in on a little secret. My nanny blogs! Kristin gets some great photos and quotes from the kids when she is with them. So I wanna share the love 🙂 Here are some of  my favs!


Arwyn’s Birthday

Vange’s birthday.

and Tarons teeth


Vange is 3!

Back in August Vange turned 3!

We had owl cupcakes.

We played a balloon stomping game. Inside each balloon as they popped each person found a pic of Vange with a scripture to pray over her as they are reminded of her by putting the pic on there fridge.

And we decorated a big banner with pictures and words of affirmation to her, to be hanged above her bed. It was grand.

food: banana, pomegranite, banana bread, oatmeal, eggs
I want to be cowgirl when i grow up

love tomake crafts, blow bubbles

favorite animal: monkey
my color is red

The MAIN birthday gift

We gave him a teaser when we celerbrated with Steve and Devon a week prior to his birthday, knee pads and wrist bands. We had to show him You tube videos of boy his age skating that also wore them t oconvince him it was cool and necessary, and common. He has been talking about this day, getting a board, for months now and it didn’t disapoint. He has surprised me and actually practices every day. Now A is bummed that he can go faster than she can on her skates. I am tryin to explain that skater is actually easier in the balance and speed department but her compettive nature just won’t hear it.

Excitedly but patiently waiting for dad to put the optional handle on, to turn it into a scooter for beginners. Enjoy those curly locks along with me, M is requesting to cut them off. 😦

the trick trying begins

this completed his day as the “best birthday ever”. Course now he is saying when he turns 6 he wants water skis!

Malachi’s birthday of treats

This is the 3rd year where M has requested Monkey bread for his breakfast on the morning of his birthday. Course now in India the recipe has changed a little from the first and second year (which didn’t get blogged about because we moved a week later to India). But enjoyed just the same. Below is how he woke up. He wanted a spider man cake and after I looked up a design that I thought I could handle drawing on his Baskin Robbins ice cream cake I realized that I couldnt make the frostong necessary for icing a cake cause my sugar available is big cubes not powdered, and my grinder mixer is broken. So I made a”spidey web” on his bunk the night before and he woke up to this surprise.

The generous boy that he is, he shared his mini monkey bread with his 2 favorite sisters.

His choice of acivity for the day was to watch movies, and so he did, 3 I think. For lunch we went to our favorite ( and only) restaraunt where he ordered (surprise, surprise) cheese pizza and french fries, then his usual hot fudge sundae, below. We brought the “5” candle that Nana had brought from AZ in may and we whisper sang happy birthday in the restaraunt. I love thsi picture!

Josiah found some “man flare” to add the occasion, fire. These candles were more like fireworks than candles, in fact he had to do a test run outside to see how big the flame was going to be before setting it on front of our son. In the evening we brought out the ice cream cake with the requested choclate and vanilla ice cream.

I think we may have traumatized him, look at all his faces below.

Then some more traumatizing, Josiah didn’t stop at fireworks on the boys cake he had to get a candle we saw the week before on someone elses birthday cake, the middle torches and sings and then the side little ones pop out to blow. You can see the relief on his face when the torch is gone and only tiny ones are left… pretty funny!

To get this picture Josiah had to tell him a funny joke, cause he was still uptight from all the fire. Oh! what a cutie.

Then after cake we sent him on his hunt for gifts…

Happy Birthday 5 year old!

5 years ago today , well tonight ( 8:11 am  Ca time) Malachi Josiah was born. Making his debut 3 weeks early at 37 weeks on the nose.

He came fast and furious and still his today.

We love you “little man”, we hope you understand how special you are to us.

We pray that  you will know deeply the good plans that God has for you.

(celebration pictures to come, celebration in progress)

Turning 31

A little over a week ago, I celebrated my first birthday in India. It wasn’t really on my mind nor did I have any expectations of what the day looked like. I didn’t have all the family and friends around that I would have wanted to celebrate with. And I couldn’t go to a yummy restaraunt or have a tasty dessert choice.

But as always Josiah finds a way to make things “spectacular” and he found a way to make my day special. First when I opened my email box I had 37 new emails all for my birthday. At first I thought someone must have put a blurp in the program at FCC or something to get such a response. But I soon discovered that unlike the typical “Happy Birthday!” sentence that people usually write, even I admit I do it, I was getting favorite people of mine telling me how they were doing. And I LOVED IT!

Josiah knew that the biggest frustration I have had here is feeling disconnected to all my loved ones back in the US and not knowing whats going on in there lives. So I quickly figured out he sent out an email to ask them to take the time to write me about them as well. It was the highlight of my whole birthday! So if you took the time to write me, THANK YOU! It meant SO much to me!

Besides sleeping in, my day was filled with breakfast in bed and the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I chose to lounge and nap, surf the web, and then go out for a pedicure with Devon at the local salon (read her blog about that here). After dinner these pictures accured. Arwyn had asked me what cake I wanted her to make for my birthday, and going along with the pretend situation I answered “mocha almond fudge ice cream cake”. Well, Daddy was listening and he went in search of this, and came up with the above: a chocolate with coffee ice cream cake. Can you see the “31” on the cake?

Then after ice cream cake he draped this lovely thing over me. It is 31 tickets to redeem when I want for different things like: a Coffee Day date with M, a shopping trip with A for new teacups, a new light fixture for the house, a WordPress tutorial from J, a photography techniques class from Devon, a dinner out on the town with J, a home facial , a home spa treatment, a ravioli making session with J, a foot massage, a hair apointment at the local salon, J painting the living room for me ( I redeemed this yesterday and its underway, so I will blog picture soon), 2 hours free of blogging (I am redeeming now), a homemade pizookie ( I am getting tonight), and on till 31…

Oh! one I redeemed already was a new shower fixture. Have you ever been to a hotel where they have those “Rain drops” shower head directly above? I got one here! I love it, it’s like being in the rainforest in a down pour…heaven!

It was such a great celebration and I am still enjoying the benefits of it, I never would have thought…

Vange is 2!

Evangeline turned 2 while we were in Germany and because it was the day after we arrived, I didn’t pull together much of a celebration for her, according to my standards anyway. I felt so bad for this, but kept reminding myself that she doesn’t have a lot to compare it to and she probably wont even remember. We got ahold of some fruit tart desserts that we put a “2” candle in and she got to unwrap a present from Devon and Steve and a package came from Nana and Grandpa after. As soon as we said happy birthday in the morning she said “Baby come out?” Apparently that was her wish.

Vange is such a delight in our family. She has warmed her way into so many hearts. She is feisty and stubborn. Her presence is commanding and full of life. She loves to laugh and make you laugh. In a year or so I predict that she will be bossing the older sibs around and they will be abliging. She is way too confident for her own good. She is also so lovable and compassionate. She LOVES babies and animals. She definately marches to her own drum. And she doesn’t give up. When she knows what she wants she goes to all lengths to get it.

She mainly runs around the house, and speaks in full blown complicated sentences. Daily we hear new words and sentences out of her mouth. We are constantly laughing at her antics and chasing after her rebelliousness. She has recently decided it’s time to potty train, even though mom is not ready at all (mainly because I cant bend down to assist these days) but that has not stopped her, she goes anyways. I find her undressed on the pot and success in the potty when I was busy cooking dinner. Tonight she showered herself “like a big girl” and was strutting her pride afterwards. She seems much older than 2 at times, but she is definately showing all the “2” signs that people “praise” so much.

Our family just would not be the same without her and we thank God for his plan and providence in our family, giving us Evangeline.

Sassy 6

Someone turned 6 years old 3 days ago and lived to tell about it.

She requested chocolate, roller skates, waffles & spaghetti.

  We started out with a waffle breakfast, complete with a first time ever sugary Mini Monkey Bread. Well the waffle maker broke (thank God for the warranty), so we improvised with very thick pancakes.

  Then we drew her attention to a present waiting for her on her bed. The much anticipated roller skates. She continued on throughout the day on a scavenger hunt complete with clues to find “6” presents: a jewelry making kit, Romona the Pest” series (thank you Nana), a night time shopping trip with Mom to pick out new shoes (pictured below), money from her brother out of his “give” jar, and a “coffee date with daddy by way of adventurous scooter ride” , (and skates).


Lunch was spaghetti and first ever corn on the cob ( which also flopped) and cupcake decorating (and eating).

Dinner we went out, her choice, to our fav restaraunt.

She seemed to love all this, tomorrow is her Coffee Date, it has been a huge countdown.

 We are so impressed with her zest for life and tenacious spirit.

She is determined to learn to skate this next week before school starts so that she can take them to the school rink.

 She has initiated her practice sessions each day and is getting so good.

  We love her feisty-ness and her desire to give and serve.

She is a great helper, organizer, and initiator.

  We have seen God’s spirit growing more inside her through her prayers and conviction.

She is just the perfect little 6 year old for our family!