When Mommy’s leave

This is what happens… Daddy’s get treats for their daughters and take them on dates (for which they have to buy new outfits, see Arwyn below), make donuts and go to hotels when your house isn’t liveable…













The last day that I was coming home from Calcutta, Josiah packed up the kids and went to a hotel on the outskirts of town because the power shorted in our house again. This is the place when we first moved we stayed at for a week while looking for a family to live with. Vange wasn’t even walking then…

Taron 6 months (one month ago)

The day came and went actually, in Agra that T turned 6 months old. He had some big milestones then and since then:
He sits up completely
The rolling over came after
Tries to crawl towards the new fascinating things like computers,
but can only inchworm back instead
eats real food, mashed of course.
still likes to growl.
Has the quickest little grab,
I think he inherited it from his father
He is pretty generous with his smiles,
but quite stingy with his laughs.

Likes to take little breaks while nursing.
he leans back, practically upside-down and
waits till I tickle his belly begging him to come eat,
its then that he smiles and begs for more.
I do it again in a high pitch voice,
and gives me a long low chuckle.

He bites my chin.
Takes my cheeks in his hands gently and coos.
LOVES his brother.
Wrestles his father.
wiggles, wriggles, squirms.

I fear the day when he is mobile.
But I love his new bedtime demands,
slow dancing to my soft singing in the dim light of his room.
The weight of his head on my shoulder.

He is a true baby, wanting and sometimes needing attention
when all other things are too. But his voice rises above all the others.
I seem to hear between the lines, I will only be little for a short while, come care for me.