Winner Winner, chicken dinner


While I was waiting in the worlds longest line, Josiah took the kids (pictured top) to go see the men making chicken. They started well before 3 am. As you may notice the men wore gas masks to breath. Once we got our chicken box (included was leg and drumstick of chicken, chips, banana, ice tea, ice cream, candy, and roll all for $8 a box) we headed over toward the pond to eat and relax in the beautiful sun.

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A great deal!

I took the kids garage sale-ing this past Saturday morning (Garage saling is HUGE Here) and we had a blast. I got some great finds but this book was the best. It is a chalkboard book with chalk, you trace the letters of the alphabet, and when your done you just erase it to do all over again later. It is perfect for our home school times and the kids love it! The best part was that It had been raining that morning and so it got slightly wet and so she gave it to me FREE! Look how good Arwyn’s letters are, she is writing her friend Reese a letter. It just went in the mail today, so Reese be on the lookout!

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Tasty Envangeline


So we discovered this other Farm much closer to our house, maybe just 10 minutes outside the city. Pine view had big and baby cows that you could pet. And they had a great store that had flour,sugar, flax seed and other healthy nuts and seeds. All in bulk for so cheap! They had a small section of farm grown veggies, and one thing I will have to get next time was the cookies for ice cream sandwiches to make yourself at home. There were like 20 for $1. That will be a fun thing to make with the kids. They also had home made ice cream as well. I got peanut butter and choc, Josiah got his typical Coffee, and the kids both got chocolate marshmellow….mmmmm…..

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The cow farm


A few Saturdays ago we went to a cow farm with some friend’s. The kid’s got to watch the cows get milked by machines, and then we all headed over to the store and got homemade ice cream, SO good! We also bought some cheap milk, farmers cheese and eggs. It was cool knowing that we were supporting local farmers and getting it fresh and cheap!

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My morning wake up hugs

Nothing wakes me up better in the morning than nice big hugs. As I sat sipping my coffee at the breakfast table I felt a tug on my pants. ” Mom, I love you.”, “come here buddy” I said. He climbed up in my lap and gave me a big hug. I squeezed him tight.

Then I got a hug lesson.

“Mom you have to hug with tight arms and shake”. As I sat wondering if that was how daddy hugs, (I needed to learn this art of hugging), I was informed that Diego hugs the koala bear like this.

I am glad I am learning from the best.

Left out

A had a first two weeks ago, she got to go play with her girlfriend Murphy at her house (three doors down) and M stayed home. It was bound to happen, the sibling “left out syndrom”. But a girl does need some good girlfriend time here and there. The first picture is Josiah cheering M up from being left out, and then frisbee became “so much fun daddy time” in the backyard.

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