This is my handsome husband Josiah. 10 years ago he swept me off my feet (9.29.2012 is our 10 year marriage anniversary!) and doesn’t fail to do so today. In a world that is infiltrated with infedelity and divorce I am blessed to have a man as committed to purity in our marriage and the REAL meaning of love and commitment. It’s been hard, especially this last year as we have navigated how to raise our kids and have a thriving relationship in another country with completley different values and norms. But giving up is not an option for us. Especially since we as a creation are unfaithful and unloving to our Creator, on a daily (minutely?) basis, and he has not given up on us. He is our model in this way when things get rough and I want to give in to my SELF, take the easier route.IMG_6851

We are passionate about healthy¬† marriages and all that includes. Good communication, healthy biblical thriving intimacy, putting eachother before our children, and letting the Holy Spirit refine us through the other. We don’t see enough examples of it in our day and age nor do we see many people that do have the REAL thing finding intentional ways to support and mentor those that need it, which is most of us RIGHT? I love this man so much and never knew I could be so known and served so humbly by someone. He is Christ in the flesh to me.IMG_8305

This is A. She is my oldest, almost 8. She is a motherly, responsible type. But she is also an instigator. Having mastered the ability to start trouble but keep from being the one who gets the consequence, she is very smart. She loves to organize, do dishes, sweep the house, get homework done. She MUST be first/best/fastest or she gets VERY upset. Ballet is her new hobby and all that comes with it, sparkly pink and blue tutu’s, dangly earings, and more! And she is the first to get to the top of a rock in the park, the highest monkey bar, the dirtiest puddle. It is a joy to see the Holy Spirit working in her life. She likes to come “confess” to me while I am cooking in the kitchen, all the things that are weighing on her heart, from sin to burdens. She is quite a mix! And we love her so!IMG_6843

M was the earliest out of the womb and the rest of his lifes philosophy follows suit. He is the first one up in the morning and the first one talking and relating away. He is so relational, he is the first to ring the door bell when meeting a new neighbor. When he was two He would walk up to other tables in restaraunts and taste test there food for them, talking to them all the while. Only people that don’t care for kids could with stand his charm and beautiful blond curly hair. He has a great sense of humor and love sto make people laugh. Sometimes he can’t stop laughing himself, and find the right times to be serious but he is a work in progress like us all and his smile really brightens out days.IMG_8348

E was born 1 month before we moved to the east coast. She was my first real “strong willed child”. She loves cuddling, helping and causing trouble. When in large groups she has people eating from the palm of her hand quite often. She will someday score off the charts Extrovert in the Meyers Briggs. She has recently informed us that for her 4th birthday coming up she wants holes in her ears.20121125_164016

T is the baby that surprised us in 2011. He is running, and talking, and destroying everything in sight. He is ALL BOY. He is pretty generous with his smiles though and we love to chase him around the house and hear him scream. When he is not doing that its usually the other way around.

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