About me

I am finding more and more that this place in the WEB is really where I “work out” my life lessons. When I find myself broken, which is a lot, I process, write, cry, and cry out, and I blog to share all my brokeness with you. Weird huh? Just the last part maybe?

I am realizing more and more that when I share with people that I am in a pit, they can help me out. Or when I share how I made it out with God’s gentle guiding I can help others there too. What stays in the dark only hurts me.

This is also a place where I share my passions, and photographed life of my kids, and travels. Enjoy!


Written in 2011:

First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus. I am on a journey to be more like him, please,  and glorify Him. But I find I fail more often than not. I find the more I get to know myself, the more I realize I need Him. DSC_0039

I am a resident of India. I love to travel and plunge into new cultures, new groups, new situations. I haven’t even lived here a year yet but am working at making a “home”. Even though I feel blessed to have such a nice place that is comfortable and inviting (minus the mongoose in my kitchen) I am finding that my old home, California isn’t as “home” as it used to be and my new one won’t ever be quite it either. Heaven becomes my home more and more as I move from place to place.

I have three kids and one on the way. Four is a fantasticly big number and probably God’s plan for keeping me constantly in need of grace and prayer. I am a extroverted only child, so this is also a dream come true, a big family.

I love food. I wouldn’t have said that 8 months ago. But now that I can’t get quite as much as I would like to make gourmet I realized food is a big deal to me! I get excited to find a new recipe that is great and accesible and healthy. I find myself going to great lengths to get myself some parmesan or feta. Olive oil or good pasta sauce. Dark chocolate or peanut butter. I now google things like “how to make buttermilk” or “how to make tomato paste” when I can’t get it here. I love food.

This year I will have been married for 9 years. The longest relationship I have ever been in. The closest I have ever been to someone. As vulnerable as it comes. He is the only person I can truly argue with and know that he will still be around the next hour. He teaches me how to serve and be served. He challenges me to be creative and risky. He tempers my hot-headed-ness but also makes me feisty. The last 10 years of my life have been fulfilling, hard work, revealing. I can only imagine what the next decade has in store…

Oh, there is so much more, but you will just have to read other pages to discover that piece by piece.

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