A new season

Welcome  to my new blog site! After almost 6 years of being over at Blogger, I decided it was time for a change. I was  frustrated restless if you couldn’t tell by my frequent background changes. I just couldn’t find a “home” that truly fit the season I am in. After seeing a common thread in my journal postings, both public and private I saw what this new season was about. It is about dying. Dying to the deepest parts of my selfishness, dying to my old identity in the US, dying to my agenda for my life. The funny part is I already died, back when I decided  to follow Jesus. Even though I am already a new creation I am still fighting the death that occured. I had this quote an the end of my last journal entry.

“The pulse of the old, dead man can flicker long after the burial and new life in Christ can be a war.” -Ann Voskamp

I don’t know that I have fully embraced this new chapter of death, but by sharing it with you,  I am stepping out in faith that it’s coming. The surrender. Even wlecome. It’s fitting that I have a new place to call my blog “home” with this new season. John 12:24 (above) is the verse that is carrying me into this time and is also a promise I am clinging to. It is interesting also that this happened to be coming together over Easter weekend. As we celebrated Good friday yesterday as a family we read and talked about the ultimate death that purchased our freedom, our new life. And we look forward to tomorrow when we remember that death was swollowed up in victory, Jesus rose and with him our sin was lifted so we could have an eternal new life. On this very weekend, two years ago I began a journey of healing. God began to used the symbolism of rising from death to newness in Him in my spiritual journey. And so the journey continues and life is seeming to be a continual process of death, to have new life.

If you were a follower over at Blogspot you can do the same thing here, you can Subscribe and have the post sent directly to your email when I publish a new one. Click on Subscribe at the top. On this blog there will also be different pages, probably categories like Recipes, Kids, and Rantings… I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet. But thanks for taking the time to switch from my old address: www.truedefiance.blogspot.com  to this new one! You can view all old posts at the old site, until I figure out how to import them to this one. Hope you like the switch! Thanks for journeying with me.

3 thoughts on “A new season

  1. Love to read your thoughts and heart. You inspire me, my friend and fellow follower in the faith. Looking forward to seeing you again. I love all 6 of you deeply and dearly. You are a gift to me and those that know you.
    May He wrap all that you think, say and do in His favor and unfailing love.

  2. The way you capture your thoughts, feelings and your life is so phenomenal and very engaging for me as a avid reader of your blog. You inspire me! I wish I could blog as you do. Love you girl!

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