8 months: Februray smebruary

So! life has been so busy with us lately, you would think it was the Holidays again. Josiah enjoyed a day off after working so hard lately. He went to the coast and hiked with his friend Joel who is on home assignment (missionary vacation). They couldn’t find any mistief so they had to go looking for it! But he had a good time … and lived.

A is getting so big… well not much bigger physically she is about 15 pounds. But she is working on crawling, situps, and pulling herself up. We are working very hard on highchair behavior, teaching her ” more” in sign lanuguage, to keep her hands down, and to not blow raspberries with food in her mouth. She enjoys singing with us, and chiming in the conversation when mom brings her to bible study on tuesdays with the other moms. She seems to understand that her presence in this room full of women is a sacred event, and she contributes to the conversation. She is eating breakfast lunch and dinner solids as well as nursing still.

And me… well i am tired… but enjoying activities out, having the car more,spending tme with friends getting to know people in our new bible study. I also like finding new recipes and cooking for my appreciative husband.

well pics to come.. stay tuned!

1 thought on “8 months: Februray smebruary

  1. >Hi Heidi!! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I was sorry I missed Katie’s shower and didn’t get to see you. We need to get together soon and try to do it regularly! You are going to hate me, but I don’t have your home # anymore. I always called your cell and now it isn’t the same number. Give me a call!!

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